• Rebuilding Nature. Rebuilding Life.

  • Rebuilding Nature. Rebuilding Life.

  • Rebuilding Nature. Rebuilding Life.


Using state of the art genetic manipulation techniques to engineer cells, InSCREENeX offers novel, user friendly, mam- malian cell systems as decision tools for drug development processes. These developed systems have the benefits of biological relevance and convenience.

The discovery of novel drugs is a challenging, costly, time con- suming and inefficient process. To address these problems, InSCREENeX offers innovative and unique SCREENflex™ and CI-SCREEN™ product solutions to expedite drug discovery and enable biologically relevant tests in vitro to provide complementary, cellular screening tools aimed at all stages of the drug development process.

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Our functionally immortalized CI-huVECs have just been published in the peer reviewed 'FASEB Journal' [...]

The SCREENflex technology creates stable transgenic cell lines - fast and reliable - which are of unparalleled quality with regard to expression levels and stability of the transgene. This enables clients to perform assays with the highest possible precision. SCREENflex is a combination of specially designed SCREENflex master cell lines optimized for transgene expression with a precise genetic modification step. Since no other chromosomal regions are touched, all positive expression and growth features of the optimized master cell lines are transferred to the new customer´s cell line.

Our CI-SCREEN technology aims at the pivotal reason for the limited availability of primary cells– the limited proliferation capacity. To overcome this natural bottleneck the CI-SCREEN technology implements expansion genes into freshly isolated primary cells of the desired tissue. Thereby the primary cells are amplified to cell numbers enabling reliable and reproducible drug testing campaigns. Importantly, due to our expansion technology the cells behave like their “normal” counterparts and enable a screening in a physiologically relevant setting.