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huBroBEC Bronchial Basal Epithelial Cells

CI-huBroBECs are an improved version of our CI-huAEC Lung Epithelial Cells. They show characteristics of airway basal epithelial cells in standard monolayer culture conditions but can be differentiated into a pseudostratified, ciliated, and mucus-producing epithelium at the Air-Liquid-Interface (ALI).

Specifications of CI-huBroBEC

  • Basal epithelial phenotype in 2D monolayer, differentiation in ALI
  • Formation of a tight barrier (more than 1000 Ohm × sqcm)
  • Can be infected with SARS-CoV-2

CI-huBroBEC or CI-huAEC?

CI-huBroBEC is an improved version of CI-huAEC. When setting up a new model system, we recommend using CI-huBroBEC, as they show a better overall lung epithelial phenotype compared to CI-huAEC. However, if you would like to build upon already published results, which were generated using huAEC cells, consider using them instead. We are happy to support you anytime – please get in touch!

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Human Bronchial Basal Epithelial Cells
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