Functionally Immortalized


Fibroblasts are the most common cells of mammalian connective tissue. InSCREENeX offers an immortalized fibroblast cell line (CI-huFIB) originating from human dermis. The functional immortalization technology (CI-SCREEN) is described in our recently published Nature Communications paper (Lipps et al., 2018), where the fibroblasts are designated e-hDFib1. We also have a serum-free culture sytem available.

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human fibroblasts
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Serum-Free huFIB Medium (requires Collagen coating)INS-ME-1018500 ml€ 165.00
Collagen solution (ready-to-use)INS-SU-1017-50ml50 ml€ 33.00
Collagen solution (ready-to-use)INS-SU-1017-300ml300 ml€ 162.00
Freezing mediumINS-SU-100430 ml€ 41.00

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