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Not just any cell, but your cell.

-> Stable Cell Line Generation

Customised mammalian stable overexpression cells with homogenous expression of your target

You name the target, we generate the stable cells. We can use our targeted, single-copy integration technology or random integration. For both approaches, we offer cells with varying target expression levels and inducible expression.

Single-copy integration of your target into our pre-validated CHO and HEK293 Master Cell Lines.

Viral or non-viral integration of your target into any cell line.

-> Cell Immortalization
Cell type-specific immortalization using our optimized library of immortalization genes

You name the cell type and species, we generate the immortalized cells. We can start from tissues, biopsies or already isolated primary cells. Immortalization only or fully characterized cell lines with additional modifications.

-> Other Cell Services
If cells are involved, we can do it

We offer a range of cell line services including cell expansion and banking, molecular biology services, virus production and assay development.