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From assay development to cell expansion and banking

-> If cells are involved

we can probably do it

At inscreenex, we have been working with cells in various forms for over 15 years, gaining significant expertise in all areas of cellular genetic engineering.

If you have an exciting project that does not fit into any standard service category, we are here to help.

We all have been PhDs and Postdocs at some point, developing unconventional experimental setups to address specific questions and we still cultivate this innovative scientific spirit.

-> Cell culture services

Highly customized cell line services

-> Cell banking (10^9 cells)

-> Storage

-> Pellets, Lysates, DNA, RNA

-> Establishment of cell culture protocols

-> Medium optimization

-> Primary cell isolation and sorting

-> Assay services

Establish and run assays

-> Assay establishment

-> Assay optimization

-> Run assays (up to 100 compounds)

-> Tech transfer of assay to your labs

-> Molecular biology services

Non-viral and viral

-> Cloning

-> Plasmid preparation

-> DNA and RNA isolation and preparation

-> Production of lentiviruses

Partners and Platforms