Functionally Immortalized

Adult Intestinal Epithelial Cells

The intestine is responsible for the digestion and absorption of nutrients, but it also has secretory and immune functions. The intestinal epithelium, the most external layer of the mucosa, includes different cell types specilizing in different functions. In contrast to our CI-muINTEPI cells, CI-muADINTESTI are derived from adult tissue. If you start working on intestinal cells, we recommend using CI-muADINTESTI cells as a model system.

Specifications of CI-muADINTESTI

  • Organoid formation in 3D culture conditions
  • Expression of intestinal epithelial markers including ZO-1, E-cadherin, Muc2 and Lgr5
  • Barrier and tight junction formation on cell culture inserts

Following assays have been performed and validated with the CI-muADINTESTI line:

  • Barrier formation on cell culture inserts
  • Mucus secretion via Alcian Blue staining
  • Serotonin secretion
  • Organoid formation in Matrigel
  • Infection studies with EPEC

muINTEPI or muADINTESTI cells?

We offer two murine intestinal epithelial cells, muINTEPI (INS-CI-1007) and muADINTESTI (INS-CI-1018), providing a range of options to best suit your experiments and assays.

muINTEPI cells were generated from murine fetal small intestinal tissue (Schwerk et al., 2013). They express typical epithelial markers and show polarized growth. muINTEPI cells have been used in a wide range of infection and immunity studies, e.g., interferon signalling, Salmonella infection and Cryptosporidium infection.

muADINTESTI are immortalized cells derived from murine adult intestinal tissue. Isolated primary cells were cultured as intestinal organoids before immortalization to maintain optimal functionality. muADINTESTI express typical epithelial markers and grow polarized. They form a barrier of approx. 2000 to 4000 Ohm×cm2 (TEER) already on day 5 after seeding on membrane cell culture inserts.

When selecting a cell culture model, consider the type of assay and experiment you would like to perform. When setting up a new model system, we recommend using muADINTESTI cells for most applications. Overall, we found them to be more robust and more functional than muINTEPI cells. However, if you would like to build upon already published results, which were generated using muINTEPI cells, consider using them instead. We are happy to support you anytime – please get in touch with us!

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Murine adult intestinal epithelial cells
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